Weird Taste In Mouth

Top 5 Reasons For That Weird Taste In Your Mouth

Do you have that weird taste in your mouth that you just cannot seem to get rid of?  Before you continue brushing your teeth and gums until they bleed, thinking you can get rid of it, you should know it could be a medical condition.  

There are a few health issues that could be causing that weird taste in your mouth.

You will need to ask yourself:

How long the weird taste in your mouth has been present? 

Are you taking any new medications? 

Do you smoke, drink or use any drugs? 

How is your appetite? 

Do you have any changes in how you smell things? 

Did you change toothpaste? 

Could you be pregnant?

Below are the top 5 reasons you may have a weird taste in your mouth:

1. Pregnancy – A high percentage of mothers-to-be agree that if you have a weird taste in your mouth like you have been chewing on a battery or a penny, then you could be pregnant. 

Many women known as soon as they get that taste that they are pregnant and they don't even need to take a pregnancy test. In some women, it only lasts for a few days while in others it can last the entire first trimester. 

Estrogen is to blame! Sour acids like citrus fruits and juices, lemonade and pickles increase saliva production to help neutralize the taste. 

Pre-Natal vitamins are often the culprit as well. 

Another helpful trick is rinsing your mouth with a salt or baking soda solution.

2. Smell – Quite often, what you perceive to be a weird taste can essentially be your sense of smell. If you have a cold, sinusitis, nasal infection or allergies, your taste buds could be working just fine and you nose could actually be to blame.

3. Cancer – Although it is rare, that weird taste in your mouth could be an indication of cancer. 

When blood in your body breaks down, it causes iron to be released, which results in a metallic taste. 

Chemotherapy can also leave you with this taste as well. 

It is recommended for people with cancer to:

Eat with plastic utensils

Eat cold food instead of hot

Drink lemonade or water with lemon in it

Avoid coffee, tea, red meat and chocolate

It is often hard for a cancer patient to get enough nutrients due to loss of appetite, so it can be helpful to marinate food in sweeter sauces and try out some new seasonings to intrigue the taste buds.

4. Medications – Certain medications such as anti-thyroid, antibiotics, zinc preparations and neurological drugs could be causing that weird taste in your mouth. 

If you look at a good number of medication labels, they will tell you that a side effect can be a bad taste in your mouth. A few popular ones are Ambien, Celebrex, Paxil CR, Prevacid, Prozac, Wellbutrin SR, Zyban, Zithromax and Zyrtec, just to name a few. 

This odd taste is considered normal and most of the time, you will either get used to it or it will simply go away.

5. Dental Hygiene – Gum disease or tooth decay can cause that bad taste in your mouth as well as just poor dental hygiene. 

Bacteria in your mouth that breaks protein down and makes sulfur molecules leaving you with bad breath also creates byproducts that you can taste. Anaerobic bacteria and its byproducts leave you with a rotten taste. 

Additionally, food particles trapped between teeth, tooth decay or gum disease can encourage these organisms to grow, making the taste worse. 

If you think the weird taste in your mouth could be a serious dental issue, you should contact your dentist before the issue has a chance to progress.